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1, Jul 1, 2013

“Cancer is Fueled by Sugar and Destroyed by Oxygen”

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Afraid of cancer? Read this article. There are some bold statements about cancer. Plus, learn some biology, too.

Go here for more details.– “The Important Role Oxygen Plays in Cancer Treatment

“One of the most important things to remember about cancer is it is NOT a chemotherapy disease, it is NOT a radiation disease and it is not a Vitamin C disease. Cancer is actually a metabolic dysfunction tied to genetic mutations, and the first step in fighting it is on the metabolic level. This approach is what has helped our team achieve a unique and successful treatment strategy. Let’s learn how oxygen plays a role in the development and treatment of cancer.”

“Every cancer has a trigger: infections, chemical toxins or heavy metal toxins are a few of the main ones. Early changes are seen through metabolic shifts that ultimately cause mutation, continually pushing genetic changes, growth and spread throughout the life of the cancer. Let’s take a look at how changes in oxygen metabolism are some of the first metabolic signs of difficult cancers.”

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