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1, Jul 28, 2013

An accident on June 22, 2013

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My daughter planned to get her driver’s license this summer, that is, before going to college. It doesn’t seem likely now, thanks to a traffic accident on a Saturday, 6/22, one day plus 5 weeks ago.

On 6/22, at the intersection of Nall Ave and College Blvd, my daughter was driving westbound through the intersection on College Blvd. An elderly lady crossed red light and hit our 1997 green car. We bought the car in 1998. That lady was talking over her cellphone when she crossed the red light. She immediately stopped the car and came out full of apologies.

The car is considered total when the repair cost exceeds the car value. The estimate of repair cost is $3000. The insurance will have to cough out nearly $3500 when you add car rental. The car itself worthes at most $2500.

At first, the insurance company offered to pay the car’s market value, that is $2500. According to related law, the insurance company has this option. But after some bargaining, the company agreed to pay $3,000 and no more. We ended up paying for the car rental fee.

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