Seth Godin’s book, Linchin: Are you indispensable? Part 8

The End of ABC and the Search for the Difference Maker
Thorton May correctly points out that we have reached the end of what he calls attendance-based compensation (ABC). There are fewer and fewer good jobs where you can get paid merely for showing up. Instead, successful organizations are paying for people who make a difference and are shedding everyone else.

Some jobs are likely to remain poorly paid, low in respect, and high in turnover. These are jobs where attendance (showing up) is all that really matters. Other jobs, the really good jobs, are going to be filled with indispensable people, people who make a difference by doing work that is really hard to find from anyone else.

Owning the Means of Production
When labor is dependent on management for the factory and the machines and the systems they use to do their work, the relationship is fraught with issues over power and control.

The factor needs labor, sure, but labor really needs the factory. It is always easier for management to replace labor than it was for labor to find a new factory.
[NOTE: this is so true. It seems labor needs factory much more than vice versa.]

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