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1, Jun 10, 2013

Seth Godin’s book, Linchin: Are you indispensable? Part 14

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The only reason to learn trigonometry is because it is a momentarily interesting question, one worth sorting out. But then we should move on, relentlessly seeking out new problems, one even more interesting thatn that one.

Leading is a skill, not a gift. You are not born with it, you learn how… leadership is now worth far more than compliance is.

The law of linchpin leverage:
The more value you create in your job, the fewer clock minutes of labor you actually spend creating that value. In other words, most of the time, you are not being brilliant. Most of the time, you do stuff that ordinary people could do.

A brilliant one is brilliant only in tiny bursts.
The art is created in a moment, not in tiny increments.

The craft of the painting, the craft of writing that email, the craft of building that PowerPoint presentation–those are the easy parts. It is the art and the insight and the bravery of value creation that are rewarded.

The Tedium, Pain, and Insecurity of Being Mediocre
It’s impossible to do the work at the same time you are in pain. The moment-to-moment insecurity of so many jobs robs you of the confidence you need to actually do the great work.

On top of this, if you do great work you gain the reward of knowing you are doing great work. Your day snaps into alignments with your dreams, and you no longer have to pretend you are mediocre. You are free to contribute.

Hire cheap labor drones that you can scale, replace, and disrespect.

Depth of Knowledge Alone is not Enough
Today, if all you have to offer is that you know a lot of reference book information, you lose, because the Internet knows more than you do.
Depth of knowledgment combined with good judgment is worth a lot. Depth of knowledgment combined with diagnostic skills or nuanced insight is worth a lot, too.

Emotional labor and making maps
Emotinal labor is work you do with your feelings, not your body.

Your job is a Platform
You get paid to go to work and do something of value. But your job is also a platform for generosity, for expression, for art.

Every interaction you have with a cowork or customer is an opportunity to practice the art of interaction. Every product you make represents an opportunity to design something that has never been designed, to create an interaction unlike any other.

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