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1, Jun 9, 2013

Seth Godin’s book, Linchin: Are you indispensable? Part 13

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Does school work?
Here’s what we are teaching kids to do:
Fit in;
Follow instruction;
User #2 pencils;
Take good notes;
Show up every day;
Cram for tests and don’t miss deadlines;
Have good handwriting;
Buy the things the other kids are buying;
Don’t ask questions;
Don’t challenge authority;
Do the minimum amount required so you will have time to work on another subject;
Get into college;
Have a good resume;
Don’t fail;
Don’t say anything that might embarrass you;
Be passably good at sports, or perhaps extremely good at being a quarterback;
Participate in a large number of extracurricular activities;
Be a generalist;
Try not to have the other kids talk about you;

Once you learn a topic, move on…
Now, the key questions:
(1) Which of these attributes are the keys to being indispensable?
(2) Are we building the sort of people our society needs?

The problem lies with the system that punishes artists and rewards bureaucrats instead.

“I am good at school” This is a fundamentally different statement from “I did well in school and therefore I will do a great job working for you.”

Being good at school is a fine skill if you intend to do school forever.

For the rest of us, being good at school is a little like being good at Frisbee. It’s n ice, but it’s not relevant unless your career involves homework assignment, looking through textbooks for answers that are already known to your supervisors,…

What they should teach in school
Only two things
(1) solve interesting problems
(2) lead

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