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1, Jun 7, 2013

Seth Godin’s book, Linchin: Are you indispensable? Part 11

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The new American dream should be,
Be remarkable
Be generous
Create art
Make judgment calls
Connect people and ideas

“Not My Job”
Three words can kill an entire organization. As the world moves faster and engagements become more fluid, the category of “not my job” keeps getting bigger and bigger.

If you can be human at work (not a machine), you will discover a passion for work you didn’t know you had. When work becomes personal, your customers and coworkers are more connected and happier. And that creates even more value.

When you are not a cog in a machine, an easily replaceable commodity, you will get paid what you are worth. Which is more.

We have been trained to believe that mediocre is a genetic factor for most of the population, but it’s interesting to note that this trait doesn’t show up until a few years if schooling.

I define a factory as an organization that has figured out, a place where people go to do what they are told and earn a paycheck. Factories have been the backbone of our economy for more than a century, … That doesn’t mean you want to work in one.

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