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1, Jun 19, 2013

Reading Anti-Inflammation Diet book

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I went back to work the next day fter I got back from China on June 5. That weekend I took my daughter to our local library to check out some books. Anti-Inflammation Diet for Dummies is one of them.

I flipped through a few pages and found there are plenty of things that are new to me. Here are some headings and sub-headings in chapter 1: “Inflammation, Food and You.”

–Understanding the difference between acute and chronic inflammation.
Low-grade inflammation often goes undetected, but here are common symptoms:
Body aches and pains
Frequent infections
Dry eyes
Diarrhea or irritable bowel symptoms
Shortness of breath

–Gut reactions: linking food, digestion, and the immune system
–Breaking down food and dealing with the pieces
–Recognizing the digestive tract as part of the immune system
–Treating your symptoms with nutrition
–Creating a diet that works for you
–Eating right for long-term benefits
–Supplementing your diet with an anti-inflammation lifestyle
More later…

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