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1, Jun 20, 2013

Reading Anti-Inflammation Diet book, part 2

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Chapter 2: “Understanding how food can be your body’s enemy”
Some foods are toxic in that they are harmful to the body and can lead to inflammation and chronic disease. Three categories of toxic foods are:

(1) Foods that increase inflammation in everyone, eg. trans fats, refined sugars, and artificial foods.
(2) Foods that are toxic to some people, eg. wheat, corn, and diary
(3) Foods that contain chemicals and other harmful substances that causes inflammation and endocrine changes in the body; they may accumulate in the fat cells and liver and can be associated with cancer.

Top three toxic foods for anti-aging: refined sugar, trans fat, and bleached flour.

Some of the toxic foods found in everyday diets:
Refined sugars–
Cookies, doughnuts, pastries
Prepared salad dressings and condiments
White bread
Flavored oatmeal or cereal
Soda and fruit punch
Cereal bars
Trans fats–
French fries
Packaged baked goods
Potato and corn chips
Fried foods
Creamy salad dressings and condiments
Bleached or enriched flour–
Cookies, even homemade
Pancakes, waffles

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