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1, Jun 12, 2013

Mother’s Day, one of the less expensive holidays

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This is what I read a month ago on Mother’s Day. I know it is already one month after that day. Still, I find it interesting to share this one here.

These are the numbers behind Mother’s Day:
–$20.7 billion: The amount Americans will spend this Mother’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation’s Mother’s Day spending survey
–85.4 million: number of Moms in the U.S., according to the latest stats from the United States Census Bureau
–$168.94: The average amount American consumers will spend on mom for Mother’s Day 2013
–$152.52: The average spending last year. This year’s figure is an 11 percent increase.
–3: Mother’s Day’s ranking, after Christmas and Valentine’s Day, in terms of the amount of money spent by U.S. consumers
–14.1: Percent of buyers who plan to purchase electronics as Mother’s Day gifts — the highest percentage in history
–$2.3 billion: Amount expected to be spent on electronics for Mother’s Day, up from last year’s $1.6 billion
–$2.3 billion: Amount expected to be spent on flowers this Mother’s Day
–16,182: Florist establishments nationwide in 2010, according to New York Citizen One
–70,575: Employees at floral shops across the U.S
–28.5: Percent of Americans who will buy their gifts online this year
–25.6: Percent of Americans who bought Mother’s Day gifts online last year
–29.1: Percent of shoppers who will buy Mother’s Day gifts at discount stores
–36: Percent of moms who would prefer to receive something homemade
–24: Percent of daughters who plan to give something homemade
–17: Percent of sons who plan to give something homemade

By the way, my son called on the morning of 5/12, wishing me happy Mother’s Day. This is enough to make my day.

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