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1, Jun 27, 2013

College cost, investment into your child’s future

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I had a monitor visit yestoday. Before starting his work, he asked me about my trip home and what I did back in China. I told him my daughter went back with me this time, right before she went to college this fall. So we did some sightseeings for her sake, as she doesn’t go back as often as I do.

When the monitor asked about my daughter college, I told him where she would go. From there, the conversation turned to the cost of college. His children are still young, one being 10 years old, the other 12. Still, he was shocked at the cost. He said he would discourage his children from going to these expensive colleges. His wife is still paying on her college loans after 20 years of their marriage.

I shared with him my idea on investment in education. The money we put in stock market fluctuates everyday. Sometimes we lost over ten thousands in a matter of a few days. It is never the safest investment. But I trust investment in education is the most worthy and safest one. My daughter is 18 years old and understands the sacrifice that we have gone through in supporting her college. I am sure she will make most out of this experience.

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