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1, Jun 11, 2013

An experience with Belkin customer service call center in India

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On 5/12, three days before I left for China, I bought a Belkin wireless router at Walmart. In the evening I tried to install it at home, but couldn’t connect it to the internet. A screen return says call xxxx for help. This I did.

The man on the other side talked with Indian accent, so strong that I found it hard to follow. Before doing anything, he asked for my name and phone number. After I gave it to him, he repeated it back to me making sure everything was correct. Next, he asked “Can I put you on hold for a second?” Sure, I said.

After a few minutes, he came back apologizing profusely. I thought it strange. He didn’t even know why I called and he didn’t even ask. What did he do with my name and phone number? This guy smells so fishy. Well, as long as he could help me get it work, I thought.

After I gave him my model number and explained to him my problem, he immediately told me that they no longer provide free support to this model, but he could help me out with a fee. “Are you asking for a fee for Belkin customer service?” I wanted to make sure I understood what he said. “Yes,” he answered.

So much for giving him my name and phone number! “Forget it. I can just return this Belkin router and get another brand. Plus, I will make sure people know my experience with Belkin customer service.” Before he could reply, I hanged up the phone on him.

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