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1, May 26, 2013

You cannot trust HR to work for you, especially with a large company, part III

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I was upset and arguing back and forth, to no avail. Guess what, the same high rate was charged on my April paycheck. I contacted this HR person. She told me they would fix it and refund the extra charge on my next paycheck. Finally in May I did get the value low rate but no refund at all. Foeget it. I am tired of the whole thing. I hope I could put it behind me totally.

The cost of this event goes beyond the cost to me. Here’s the list of collateral damages of the event:

(1) It sucked my energy when I was arguing with HR.
(2) It cost me time when I had to contact here and there to resolve it. And of course, it cost me time to record the whole thing here in order to forget it.
(3) It creates a distrust of HR and other people. That benefit rep disappears totally after my last contact with him. How dependable that can be!
(4) The worst part is this bad memory and negativity associated with dealing with HR

I apologize if I have sounded negative. Too bad that’s one of those unpleasant experiences that I thought it beneficial to share here so that readers can learn something.

The final take-home message: when it comes to your interest, don’t trust anybody else. You have to be careful, be it bank, HR, or credit card or anybody other than you.

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