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1, May 25, 2013

You cannot trust HR to work for you, especially with a large company, part II

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The KU HR person told me I was a smoker because I did not complete a smoking history statement.

This is a big joke. I told her, “Number one, I have never smoked in my life. Number two, if this smoking statement was required to get the value rate, I am sure I have completed it because I would not risk paying a high rate by refusing to complete it. If I have not done it, it must be because I was not told to do so. Number three, if I have completed it, there is a possibility that they lost the form.”

The HR contact person, who was unkind, to say the least, told me that HR could not make mistakes. It was me who didn’t complete this form and caused this high rate. I could complete, signe on the smoke form and fax it to her now to get the value rate from now on, but they could not fix the past.

I don’t get it. Aren’t HR human beings? How can you be so certain HR people are error-free? Plus, who has more incentive to be careful and not making mistake? Of course, I have the incentive because it is detrimental to me if I make a mistake. I am not that stupid to deliberately hurt myself. On the other hand, HR has zero incentive to be diligent. It costs them nothing if they make mistakes.

Continue tomorrow…

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