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1, May 17, 2013

Why isn’t it working now? Part II

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Continued from previous posting.
Here’s the paradox of this confusing culture of demanding more and more and resulting in less and less. According to the author, “The ethic of more, bigger, faster generates value that is narrow, shallow, and short term. More and more, paradoxically, leads to less and less.” p. 4

As we try to meet the outside demand for more and more, we exert ourselves to the maximum, give away our time and life to the fullest, run fastest, thus leaving ourselves less and less time to breath, to reflect the meaning of our experience, to feel and think like human beings.

In our attempt to make ourselves richer externally and materially, we empty ourselves spiritually and become shallow living organisms.

Indeed, it is time to slow down, pause, think, reflect and live like a human.

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