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1, May 29, 2013

Seth Godin’s book, Linchin: Are you indispensable? Part 2

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“Is it possible to do hard work in a cubicle?
To become indispensable involves doing difficult work. Labor in the best of the word. The act of bringing your whole self to work, of engaging in tasks that require maturity and soul and personal strength, and givers of gifts. They bring humanity to the work, they don’t leave it at home. The hard work isn’t lifting or shoving or sharpening. The hard work is being brave enough to make a difference.

The resistence
So, why is this so hard? It turns out that it’s biological. It turns out that it is biological. Deep within your brain lies the amygdala, the lizard brain. It sets out to sabotage anything that feels threatening, risky, or geneous. Until you name, recognize, and deal with the resistance, you will stay frustrated.

The powerful culture of gifts
Art is a gift. A real gift, not part of a deal, not a transaction entered into with reciprocity in mind. The culture of gifts has a long history on this planet, and understanding how it brings people together is a critical step in becoming indispensable.

There is no map
Indispensable linchpins are not waiting for instructions, but instead, figuring out what to do next. If you have a job where someone tells you what to do next, you have just given up the chance to create value.”

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