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1, May 3, 2013

Reading The Lessons of History by Durant, Part VI

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What about the ordinary people? If the heroes are innovative as it is shown in the table, its opposite is imitation.

That is, according to the authors, “As submissive natures unite with masterful individuals (heroes) to make the order and operation of a society, so the imitative majority (the ordinary folks) follows the innovating minority, and this follows the originative individual.”

I would say the minority people who can truly change the course of history are not necessarily innovating. Sometimes, it is simply because they are powerful or they have money power.

What is history in a large picture? It is “the conflict of minorities; the majority applauds the victor and supplies material of social experiment.”

Wow! It is so true when we look at the wars today. The minority like Bush and his gangs wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein, whatever excuses they gathered. Who supplied human materials? The vast majority of ordinary people!

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