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1, May 27, 2013

Office grievances, grapevine solution

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The incident that I described in my last few postings is by no means an isolated one. In fact, I hear more grievances from my colleagues than I care to share.

During our March monthly department meeting, we invited a person from outside the company to hear our work-related grievances. One prerequisite to our free expression is to ask the manager to leave the meeting. Isn’t that interesting! As one colleague put, “I will be able to say what I want if she is present.”

That says a lot about democracy, freedom of speech, and all the lofty ideas thrown around in the air. In fact, everybody knows absolute freedom of speech is an illusion. Then, what can we do regarding the grievances that people might have?

I always have this idea–having a grapevine blog, an internal blog where people share anonymously their work experience with a healthy dose of decency. It can be checked and monitored by an outside inspector. It serves as a window for the management to know what is in peoples’s mind while working at their office.

Well, just a thought.

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