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1, May 11, 2013

Joseph R. Ferrari on procrastination

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Joseph R. Ferrari’s Still Procrastinating? The No-Regrets Guide to Getting It Done caught my attention as I was postponing working on my second paper. Of course, I was thinking of many other people in the similar situation.

I am sure I have written a lot on this topic. But the problem persists and the topic is permanently relevant. Most people procrastinate now and then, but about 20 percent of the population are procrastinators. Ferrari says “A procrastinator is someone who habitually and consistently delays tasks.”

Here are some of his suggestions:
(1) Try to find out why you postpone tasks.
(2) Keep a to-do list or planner, and update it often.
(3) Set your priorities, and tackle the most urgent matters first. After the most pressing tasks, do the worst jobs next. Putting them off will just make your whole workload seem more impossible.
(4) Set realistic goals and deadlines. Don’t bite more than you can chew.
(5) Set some strict rules on using cellphone and email checking
(6) Team up with the most productive friends or colleagues.
(7) Be punctual.
More on this later.

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