Nobody notices you unless you have done something extraordinary

On 4/3, my daughter needed to get to school at 7 AM for a long field trip. After I dropped her off there, I went to the office a little bit late. I was in the break room having my breakfast and seeing more people coming in at this time. I noticed that most people passed me by as if I were not there, except one doctor who knows me well. We chat when we have a chance.

I remember one doctor who left our clinic early this year. I knew she had a little girl. Before she left, I shared with her some of my writings on parenting. She read it and was full of praise and respect when she talked to me later. I could see a change of attitude in her. How strange it is or perhaps it should be this way.

The boring nature of our daily work tends to breed slight or brush-off or cold shoulder among the familiar faces, especially in this environment. Only your accomplishments can make people change their attitude.

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