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1, Apr 1, 2013

April Fool’s Day, how we often fool ourselves in real life

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Not long ago, while I was working on a writing on student loan crisis, I bumped into this article –“Calculating a College Degree’s True Value.”

The article lists the salaries after graduation for 25 majors from the highest paid job (system engineering) to the lowest one (biology).

While I understand that not everybody is interested or is capable of taking the highest-paid major, it strikes me as pure dumbness or self-deceiving when some people take a heavy student loan and go for a major that doesn’t pay at all or that doesn’t even promise a job upon graduation.

It is one thing if your family can pay it all for your low-paid major. It is another thing when you get that major by taking out heavy student loan.

On this April Fool’s day, let us wish people stop fooling themselves when they go to college.

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