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1, Mar 24, 2013

Your Happiness is in your hand: Reading Positive Psychology

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Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” I like this quote. When I read about positive psychology, it seems positive psychologists are confirming that assessment. Although some of our temperament might be genetic, a large percentage is under our control. In short, our happiness is up to us.

Positive psychology helps us use our strengths and heighten our awareness to develop happiness and fulfillment. It promises to help us identify our unique strong points.

The role of gratitude is also very important in making us feel happy. Another key word is “mindfulness,” the ability to live fully in the moment without judgment.

Negative thoughts are the obstacles to happiness that we should try to sidestep. Accumulate and practice your happiness-building strategies for staying “in the flow.” and savor the treasures in life, both big and small at all moments.

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