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1, Mar 5, 2013

True happiness, pleasure, and Aristotle, Part III

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Why are so many people unhappy now, even with modern conveniences? Aristotle believes it is because they confuse “pleasure” for “happiness.”

Aristotle’s “Pleasure” is more like what we call today “immediate gratification.” Pleasure is associated with the physical or bodily part. “Happiness” is the opposite of that, more spiritual part. It is more about individual growth with a long term goal to reach.

Life always has ups and downs, not an all the way smooth sailing. We gain insights while growing emotionally and intellectually as we savor through ups and downs in our lives.

Aristotle believed living and realizing your fullest potential as a human is the highest form of true happiness.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought and, of course, a very insightful one, too.

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