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1, Mar 6, 2013

The end of last month and the end of one doctor at our site

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Last day of February saw the leaving of one of our doctors at our clinic. I learn that he was one of the founding physicians for our practice, like over 20 years of seniority here. His experience seems a familiar story.

He came from Seattle area, that is, he grew up there and his family is still there. He went to medical school in Kansas, stayed here for residency, then worked here till the end of last month.

Even though he has been in Kansas for over two or even three decades and has raised his own family here, when both of his children have gone to college, leaving him an empty nest, he still wants to move back to Seattle, being closer to his first home.

When I learn about his story, I think of many people who left home when they were young adults, venturing out for their more opportunities. As they became old, they returned to the place of their origin. Isn’t it something universal?

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