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1, Mar 11, 2013

Mitt Romney’s real problem, not the loss of white house dream

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Mitt Romney came back to public eyes when he was interviewed by Fox, the first major one since his loss last November. He said, “It kills me” to have lost election to Obama.

The guy is not a good loser. It took him over four months to nurse back from the wound he suffered over his loss of white house dream.

The main problem with Romney is he only had white house dream, but does not have a life’s mission. White house is the vessel or an instrument to accomplish a mission. You got to have some more transcendental purpose or larger-than-life goal in life.

For a man with a life’s mission, if one instrument fails or one vessel sinks, try another one, as long as he doesn’t abandon his life’s mission. And I don’t believe age restricts a person.

See my favorite ex-president Jimmy Carter, and another ex-vice Al Gore. Especially Al Gore after he lost the election to the little Bush.

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