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1, Mar 10, 2013

How cancer cells make a chaotic mess of their genetic code

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I read this interesting piece of information on 2/27/2013. A study in the journal Nature showed cells that used up their raw materials became “stressed” and made mistakes copying their genetic code. It is said that supplying the cancer with more fuel to grow may actually make it less dangerous. This is something new.

Most normal cells in the human body contain 46 chromosomes. However, some cancerous cells can have more than 100 chromosomes with inconsistent pattern. This diversity helps tumors adapt to become untreatable and colonise new parts of the body.

The key to conquer cancer is to crack how cancers become so diverse in the first place. Cancers are driven to make copies of themselves, however, if cancerous cells run out of the building blocks of their DNA they develop “DNA replication stress”.

The study showed the stress led to errors and tumour diversity. “It is like constructing a building without enough bricks or cement for the foundations. “However, if you can provide the building blocks of DNA you can reduce the replication stress to limit the diversity in tumours, which could be therapeutic.”

Even though it “just seems wrong” that providing the fuel for a cancer to grow could be therapeutic, one scientist believes, that “replication stress was the problem and that new tools could be developed to tackle it.”

For now, let us keep our hope for the day when cancer can be cured.

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