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1, Mar 18, 2013

“Go to class: To make money or save money – or both”

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I heard this piece of news on NPR morning edition on 3/11. It talks about vocational classes, which people used to call derogatorily “an academic dumping ground for students who weren’t succeeding in a regular classroom.”

But now these classes offer pathway to college and a way to gain skills to pay tuition. The students are not tracked into these classes because they are not “college material.”

One teacher said this to the class, “I try to tell students when they come into this class you should be in here for one of two reasons: To make money or save money – or both.”

When I told my daughter what the teacher said, she said “Wow, it’s all about money.” In this bad economic time, people have to be this practical. If you think of how to save money, you can avoid borrowing heavily for your education. Of course, it is a wonderful thing if you can make money at the end of your education?

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