FBI’s motto of “fidelity, bravery, integrity” or lack of FBI

Last Friday, I read this piece of news, which made me laugh “FBI battling ‘rash of sexting’ among its employees.” For the first time, I learned of the motto of FBI–“fidelity, bravery, integrity.” So nicely put, yet so far from reality.

I learned that what sounds like bad movie plots are all real — “bugging your boss’ office. Sending naked photos around to co-workers. Sexting in the office. Paying for sex in a massage parlor.” For the detail of this, see a confidential internal disciplinary report.

I cannot help laugh out loud when I read these words by FBI assistant director Candice Will: “When you are given an FBI BlackBerry, it’s for official use. It’s not to text the woman in another office who you found attractive or to send a picture of yourself in a state of undress. That is not why we provide you an FBI BlackBerry.” Don’t we already know that?

Hope you get a hearty laughter out of it.

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