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1, Mar 12, 2013

Eat for brain health

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This is from CBS, an interview with an author on Food for Thought: Diet to help boost your brain

Bad fats increase Alzheimer’s risk, avoid them
–Saturated fats: dairy products, meat
–Tran fat: donuts, potato chips
–3x to 5x increased risk for those who eat the most
–Metals increase Alzheimer’s risk
1) iron: red meat, liver, cast iron pans
2) copper: from water through pipes
3) aluminum: cookware & utensils

Power food prevent Alzheimer’s These foods should be in your diet everyday:
1) vegetable, leafy vegetables, bananas
2) fruit, dark berries restore memory
3) bean
4) nuts, almonds may lower risk by 60%

Exercise improves brain health
1) Reverses brain shrinkage
2) 30 to 40 minute brisk walk
3) 3x per week

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