A near-disaster accident on the way to work

Talk about stress when people go to work. Yesterday, 3/25/2013, I had a near-disaster accident as I drove to the office in the morning. It snowed the day before and the road was a bit slippery. As I exited, on the long Quivira exit ramp, my car slipped out of control at a high speed. I tried to steer the wheel to the opposite direction and slow down the speed at the same time. The car turned right and left wildly like an unmanageable wild horse. For some reason, after some desperate struggling, I finally got it under control, probably because the speed went down when the car went a bit upward or it slipped to a location which was not slippery.

It was totally scary and I was shaken from fear. It took me some time to calm down. In hindsight, I could ruin the car totally or even got myself seriously injured if the car had not stopped. Luckily, there was no car behind me as it was really early.

A lesson, which I hope I will never forget — avoiding taking highway or any high speed way, if the weather is bad or after a snow day. Most important thing: drive slowly.

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