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1, Feb 22, 2013

Write more and often and you will see the benefit

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Yesterday, I was doing something like trashing the writing skill, as if it has no value at all since it cannot feed one’s stomach.

Today, I would argue, no matter how useless writing is in term of bringing home paychecks, writing is something you need to do, if you want to grow and advance. Why?

First of all, writing is recording. It makes up for our short memory.

Secondly, writing clarifies our thought. That thought clarification process is good to our brain. I guess we all care about the quality of our brain, especially when we advance in age.

Thirdly, writing is sharing. Either your reveal or conceal yourself through writing, you always open a window for readers to get to know you.

Fourthly, the more you write, the better writer you will become. pas moi, though. Isn’t it great that you can write well?

So, keep on writing whenever you can.

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