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1, Feb 28, 2013

Trash picker, catalogs, and dreams

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1st prize contemporary issues by Micah Albert

It seems so incongruent when we mention dream together with a picture like this. People often associate dreams with something unrealistically beautiful and ideal. This picture is anything but that.

I don’t know who she is or what specifically her life looks like or what is going on in her mind when she is reading the catalog among trashes or what dream she might have. I do know that people live a different life. And I am sure that’s not the kind of life most people want to lead.

This picture reminds me of those humanities who live in a totally different environment from me, that we should count our blessings for having been delivered from this environment, that, whenever we can, it is our responsibility to alleviate our fellow human beings from miseries and hardships that have been inflicted on them.

P.S. I talked to my daughter about this picture and my thought on it. She said dream could make things happen, if not this generation, life would be better for the next. Without dream and effort, things would remain the same for generations.

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