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1, Feb 24, 2013

Snow day, people layoff, cold and unfortunate

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Last Thursday was a very unpleasant day for me. The snow came down thick and fast as the day went. Normally it takes me 10 minutes to get to the office, but I was on the road for over 30 minutes that day.

As snow accumulated, the clinic manager communicated to us that the clinic would close at noon and the employees could go home then. But if they did, they would have to use their vacation hours, which was ridiculous. I thought the company should reward those who braved the snow and made it to the office. Many employees were unhappy with the announcement.

That day I also learned the details about one colleague who was told to go home and never come back again. She has diabetes disease and is in the process of some treatment. She was let go because she fell asleep on the job. She is single, in her 50s, and not in good health. It is sad and dreadful when I think of her situation.

Two unpleasant things in one day. That’s enough.

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