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1, Feb 18, 2013

Saturday encounter at Central Library

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Last Saturday, I went to our Central library in the morning, to get some help for filing tax return. There I met a Chinese couple in their 60s. They were there for the same purpose.

This was the first time that they came to library for tax help. Since their English is not adequate, I helped them with some of the forms.

The man came from Taiwan to the United States in 1979, having worked all the time on Chinese restaurant and his wife, the second one to be sure, was on the same line. They have been here for so many years and worked hard all these years, yet they don’t seem to be affluent in their lives. And they really carried the appearance of a life of hardship.

As I went through their tax forms, I felt sad and was wondering how they could live on this little. While we need to work hard in our lives, we really need another form of hard work, definitely not this restaurant one. Of course, after I got back, I shared this story with my daughter.

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