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1, Feb 14, 2013

Paul Ryan, a highly effective politician, part II

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Ryan majored in economics and political science as an undergraduate, so he quickly decided that the Budget Committee was where he wanted to be.

Following the advices of Barney Frank and Bill Thomas, he threw himself into the world of economic policy wonks, consulting with experts whenever he needed and doing whatever he could to get knowledgeable on the topic.

By 2007, the beginning of his fifth term, he had worked his way up to the highest position available to a Republican on the Democratic-controlled House Budget Committee: ranking member, the title not only giving one prestige and authority but also access to the actuaries and economists at the Congressional Budget Office.

By 2011, Ryan became the Chairperson of the House Budget Committee. He was only 41 years old. Ryan has provided a living example on how to climb up his career ladder in the shortest possible time.

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