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1, Feb 7, 2013

Hyperthyroidism: watch out for an overactive thyroid

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Two friends of mine have thyroid problem in recent years. So I started paying attention to this topic. On 1/19/13, I read this from Harvard Medical School newsletter, “Know the signs of an overactive thyroid.”

Most people are unaware of the profound impact of this tiny hormone-producing gland on overall health and the well-being of human beings, specifically its influence on our metabolism. Either over (hyperthyroidism) or underproduction (hoperthyroidism) of thyroid hormone can cause huge problems.

The risk of hyperthyroidism increases with age. The diagnosis of thyroid disease can be particularly tricky in older people as they don’t always show the same symptoms as the young patients do.

Typical signs of an overactive thyroid with the symptoms experienced by younger patients include:
increased sweating,
heat tolerance,
hand tremors,
excessive thirst, and
increased appetite.

Older persons with hyperthyroidism are more likely than a younger person with the disease to develop —
Heart failure
Atrial fibrillation
Excessive weight loss

Life will be tough for senior folks if they have problems with their thyroid. Stay healthy!

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