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1, Jan 15, 2013

Work Observations and Self-Starter

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Here are some of the observations at work. One young colleague, when the work seems overwhelmed, gets rude to others, freaking out easily and giving a leave-me-alone look to everyone around; when things slow down, that person fools away her time, engaging in endless social networking.

What’s wrong with this type of behavior? Number one, she cannot handle stress well. Number two, she is not a self-starter in that she doesn’t know how to make use of time to enrich herself when she is not busy.

Another one that I know, in her mid-20s, would not do anything when she is upset with something either at work or with a significant other. She says she is not in the mood to do anything.

When we come to the office everyday, we are supposed to leave behind any personal dramas and do what we are paid for. Other colleagues talk about this person. I won’t be surprised if she is told to leave the company.

Conscientiousness and diligence at your work are the reasonable expectation at all workplace. I wrote down my observations so that my children will know where I come from.

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