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1, Jan 7, 2013

The real victims of Russia’s ban on children adoption

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The U.S. government passed some measure that bans some Russian officials from entering the U.S. or putting their money in American banks. The measure by the the U.S. was intended to “expose Russian officials who are alleged to have been involved in a massive tax fraud and the death of a Russian lawyer who … uncovered that crime.”

The Russian leaders were so upset that its parliament passed on 12/26/2012 a legislation banning the adoption of Russian children by Americans. Even more ridiculous is Russian President Vladimir Putin said on 12/27/2012 that he was going to sign on this legislation.

I was upset when I read this as I was expecting Putin to welcome this move as it will help digging out corruptions among Russian officials. Morever, the real victims of this Russia’s ban are the orphans, who, like thousands of Chinese orphans, might have a better life after the adoption. Indeed, a sad day for these children.

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