The next generation might not surpass us in social status and prestige

Last weekend, a friend of mine called. Of course, we talked a lot about the next generation. I told her that the next generation would certainly do better than us since they have a much better opportunity than us.

“It might not be the case,” my friend claimed. “They might make more money or live more comfortably than us, but I doubt if they would enjoy a higher social prestige than us.” She is a medical doctor at KUMC.

In a way, I agree with her, especially when I look at our generation, my two sisters and I. I must say none of us has got even closer to the position that our father once held, let alone any prestige at all, even though we make a lot more money than our parents.

That left me a little bit sad when I think of it, as I believe my father would like to see us surpassing him. Then again, I certainly wish my children will enjoy much much higher social status than mine.

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