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1, Jan 6, 2013

The hopeless battle over gun control in the new year

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As a reaction to the Newtown shootings, we have seen it from both President Obama and the head of NRA, Wayne LaPierre.

While the president is determined to take some meaningful actions following the mass killing, NRA head said Congress should “act immediately” to put armed police in US schools, making it more like barrack than campus.

The matter involves both the powerful NRA who is determined to make a profit from Newtown tragedy and the most absurd gun obssession rooted in the culture.

An opinion poll by Gallup shows a majority of Americans – 53% – stands by NRA’s response to the shootings, as opposed to 43% supporting a ban on assault rifles.

The president will have a very steep road ahead over any gun control initiative. On this matter, I am not optimistic, unless there are more similar events happening to some key figures. See what made Ronald Reagan change his mind.

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