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1, Jan 25, 2013

The elective courses of middle school children

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On the weekend of 1/12/13, a friend of mine called about the elective courses for her son’s first year of middle school.

Since they only have two electives and there are many courses that the children are interested in taking, parents are often at loss what to choose.

Some courses are year-long one, which means you have to take it for both fall and spring semesters, like orchestra and foreign language. With a foreign language, you won’t learn much if you just spend a year or two on it. If the children take these orchestra and foreign language, they will not be able to take anything else. This is what I asked my daughter to do when she started middle school.

My original intention was to have her on both of them throughout high school years. If she could take six years of French, she would be able to master the basics and would be trilingual by the time she applied for college. Of course, with music, as I had seen its benefit on my son, so I wanted her to keep it till she leaves for college, its positive impact would be lifetime long.

The only problem here is this is a parent’s plan. A parent’s plan can never succeed without children’s cooperation and implemention. My daughter gave up music when she entered high school and quit French by her second part of junior year.

Here’s the result:
(1) she did not learned as much as she should;
(2) She wasted time;
(3) She could have taken some electives to exploit and broaden her interest in other areas;
(4) Because she didn’t do well in French, her French grade hit the lowest bottom and hurt her other area, too;
(5) It turned out parent is responsible for all this.

When I look back, I think my daughter might be better off taking whatever class she was interested in at that time.

Children are different and have to be dealt with different parenting style. It is a much bigger challenge to the parents if the children are headstrong. In making any plan for the children, a parent has to take into consideration the child’s maturity and responsibility.

P.S. my daughter is going to Manhattan with her school at noon today. This will be her last visit to Manhattan for competition since this is her senior year. Wish her good luck there.

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