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1, Jan 5, 2013

Parents could be part of the bullying problem

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I read this article on 12/27/2012, “Parents: are you part of the bullying problem? Take this quiz” by Dr. Claire McCarthy. The author reports that at least one in ten middle school students reports being bullied, which is more than I have thought before.

Very often, the hurt and the damage to the kids will put them at the “a higher risk of mental and physical problems long after the bullying has ended.” Here are some of the questions the author asks in the article.

Are you part of the problem? Answer these questions:
(1) When you want your child to do or stop doing something, do you every use phrases like “don’t act like a sissy” or “you throw like a girl!” or ‘you’re getting fat”?
(2) Is “tough love” part of how you parent?
(3) Do you spend limited time talking to or being with your child?
(4) Have you ever wondered if your child might be bullied–and not said or done anything?
(5) Have you ever wondered if your child might be bullying someone–and not said or done anything?
(6) Do you praise your child for being aggressive?
(7) Would you be proud of your child for being successful and popular–even if you suspected he or she might be bullying people?
(8) Do you ever talk about other people in a demeaning way in front of your children?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may indeed be part of the problem. It’s time to take a long, hard look at yourself and your parenting, and make some changes.

A few more questions:
(9) Do you know the signs that a child might be a victim of bullying?
(10) Do you know the signs that a child might be a bully?
(11) Have you talked to your child about cyberbullying–and about what they do online?
(12) Do you regularly tell and show your child that you love them no matter what?
If you answered no to any of those, it’s time to start learning, talking, thinking and feeling.

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