New Year Resolution: believe it can be done

After I checked with some people, I have learned that top New Year Resolutions include the following.

(1) Healthy lifestyle–exercise and healthy food
(2) Give up bad habit like smoking or drinking
(3) Learn something new
(4) Spend more time with the family
(5) Manage finance
(6) Get organized
(7) Control temper
(8) No more procrastination

My advice to my children:

(1) Never start a new year without setting goals and new standards.
(2) Never give yourself up to cynicism. Nib it in the bud when doubt and cynicism steal in.
(3) Firmly believe that it can be done.
(4) Be realistic in your resolution.
(5) Come back to your resolution at least once a month throughout the year.
(6) Reward yourself for keeping up with it. Otherwise, double your effort in implementing it.

One last thing on this: it is okay to recycle your resolution in its large picture but make sure to add some unique specifics.

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