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1, Dec 2, 2012

Writing for your life, serious or not?

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My daughter received many letters from universities and colleges throughout the country, all asking her to apply to their place, which reminds me of the winter of 2007 when my son was in the process of college application. It seems like yesterday.

I read one from Swarthmore with the title “Write for your life!” written by Nathalie Anderson, professor of English literature. It is interesting as normally we run for our life or fight for our life, even eat for our life. The author raises the importance of writing to the level of our life. “It’s your own intellectual life you are writing for, and nothing you write can be wrong for you.”

“Even in apparently placid lives–and few lives, actually are precisely placid–writing can help us define and refine our emotions, can help us clarify and strengthen our thoughts, can help us to make sense–or, even better, nonsense–out of unfairness.

“So, writing for your life, for most of us, most of the time, is a lot like working out at the gym: the more you do it, and the more regularly, the more skillful, powerful, complex, and elegant your writing will be.”

What does it mean to us? Well, write whatever in your mind, either serious or playful, truthful or fictional, first person or third person, present or past, descriptive or analytic, ourselves or others. Anything is better than nothing.

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