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1, Dec 14, 2012

Watching “Letter to Juliet” movie

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On 11/29, I got back home, my daughter told me she had a bad day┬átoday. She didn’t tell me all the details as it was the buildup of all the small unpleasant things. I tried to humor her saying “We can get a movie and watch it together.

That night we watched “Letters to Juliet,” a 2010 American romantic drama. After watching it, we talked a little bit about the character.

The main characters Sophie and her fiance Victor went to Italy for their honeymoon. Both of them are very dedicated to their respective career. The irony is Victor’s dedication alienates Sophia and provides her an opportunity to broaden her career. In the process of this, she meets another guy when she follows her journalist instinct to a feature story.

In the end, her feature story is accepted by New Yorker magazine. Victor and Sophia separated. Sophia finds someone who truly appreciates her.

Just as Sophia’s letter to another character in the movie, the movie provides many what-ifs for people to reflect.

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