Remembering the Sandy Hook school children

some of the victimsSix of those being killed during Sandy Hook’s tragedy. It hurts tremendously seeing these lovely faces, knowing they are gone forever. I know nothing can fill the emptiness that these children left in the hearts of their beloved ones.

It’s been a week since the infamous Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. There has been talks about this mass killing on TV, in the office, at home, with my mother over Skype, and nearly everywhere.

Insane people can be found in all countries, but insane people equipped with semi-automatic guns or some other assult weapon are uniquely American products.

While we mourn the death of these innocent people from Virginia Tech to Colorado theater to Wisconsin temple to Columbine high school to Sandy Hook elementary school, we live in dreadful fear that someday something similar would happen again.

Now there are more police on high school campus, probably more at elementary schools. Unless we restrict gun ownership, unless there is a drastic change in this gun-obsessed culture, unlike all civilized countries, the U.S. has to live with constant fear and high alert.

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