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1, Dec 1, 2012

On the election day, November 6, 2012

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I know it is way after election. Still, there is something that I must write in order to let it go.

I received a Certification of Registration card prior to the election. The card notifies me of the following.
Registration ID:
City: Overland Park
Ward: 3
Pct: 20
US Congressional District 3
KS Senate: 0011
KS Representative: 0020
State Board of Education: 0002
County Commission: 4
Voting Place: National Bank of Kansas City 10700 Nall Ave

I misplaced this card on the election date, so I had to go online to find out the polling station that I was supposed to go. I left office early on the election day.

I thought it was going to be crowded. But it turned out there were more volunteer workers than voters. A good hearted lady described to me in great detail how I should vote electronically, and with each instruction, she wanted to make sure I followed her, not a challenge to my thick head.

In her gracious manner, I sensed a bit of condescending there. After over 28 years of staying in the U.S. I still impress people as a fresh off the boat soul, being assumed as a foreigner unless I prove otherwise. An interesting thought of the day.

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