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1, Dec 30, 2012

New year resolution, part II

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New Year Resolution of 2013

I am still working on this right now, as this is not the last day of the year yet. As always, my resolution will consists of at least three aspect:

(1) My career/hobby/achievement — I am not going to look around for internal transfer anymore. Instead, I am going to exploit deeply any writing opportunities in my current position. This is going to be my priority. In my spare time, I will continue contributing to both KCStar and PolicyMic.

(2) Exercise.
(3) Something else, like identifying and limiting the time lost on my guilty pleasures, parenting, volunteering, more reaching out, etc.

Things I am not going to include in my resolution:
(1) Lose weight as it is hard to lose it without losing something else.

(2) Learning a new foreign language. I have included it many times before and seldom kept it, so it has become an empty promise. This does not mean I am not going to keep my language learning.

(3) Be nice to this or that. I have made constant efforts trying to be a better me, even though I know it is getting more and more difficult to change oneself as one gets in age. The fact that I am going to leave it out does not mean I will stop trying. It is just something that we all try to do all the time throughout our lives.

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