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1, Dec 29, 2012

New year resolution, part I

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Yes, once again, it is this time of the year when the turning of the year forces us to both look back and look forward.

Some people hate to look back as they feel they have not accomplished anything worth a second look.

Some people look back with a feeling of immense pride. Some are filled with a deep regret. Of course, some end up with a mixed feeling.

I never feel completely great when I look back as I always find something missing. I always feel that I could have done this or that or I could make a better use of my time during the past year.

I think no matter how much I have accomplished, I will always feel this way as it might be ingrained in my nature.

For the coming new year resolution, I will add one thing to my list — when I look back at the end of year 2013, I will have something that really makes me proud of myself.

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