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1, Dec 8, 2012

Listening to recorded books lifts me up everyday

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On 11/29/2012, I went to Leawood library with my daughter in the evening. I checked out many recorded books by Modern Scholars. My daughter asked me “Why do you borrow these? You don’t have the time for them.”¬†On the way back home and also the next day, I gave her this explanation.

Yes, I do have the time for these audio books. I listen to them when I am walking in the morning and while working at office during the day.

Since I don’t have as much time as I want to read these books, these recorded books enable me to listen while doing something else. It is also good for my eyes.

Why am I interested in these books? It is more than learning what they have to teach. I have to relate this question to my job, which is, first of all, not something I am interested in. Secondly, it is not intellectually challenging enough to keep my mind occupied. In fact, it can be so boring that I am afraid of dulling my brain. I always feel like a fish out of water in that environment. Listening to modern scholars books seems to put me back to where I belong.

In fact, books always provide some kind of transcendental value to the readers, adding wings to their imagination, seeing beyond their vision or taking them away from their immediate environment.

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