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1, Nov 4, 2012

When the going gets tough and when we cannot handle it alone…

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On 10/25, when a colleague of mine from another office came over to do some work at our office, we talked about the time when she had her chemotherapy and radiation treatment for her breast cancer.

She was divorced at that time. So she was all alone facing work, treatment, heavy medical bills, and all other life’s challenges. She was thoroughly beaten by the chemo, so much so that she could hardly take care of herself. She had not filed her tax return for two years because she couldn’t do it.

She is the kind of woman who has been doing everything all by herself and was fiercely independent. The thought of asking for help had never cropped up in her head, even though she has two grown-up children and even though she needed help desperately.

I told her when she couldn’t handle it, she needed to surrender herself to others, her adult children. She knew she should but she was just not used to asking others.

I think it good to everybody if we move to the passenger seat when the driving becomes too difficult for us. After reading this, my daughter said she should be flexible. “Don’t worry, mom, I will be there for you.”

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